Think. Explore. Create.

Tell me, I’ll forget, teach me I’ll remember, involve me and I’ll learn!

-Benjamin Franklin

About Us

TEC is the brain child of a team of engineers and MBAs, all of whom agree that education in India needs to be more practical and hands on, in order for innovation and creativity to flourish. We strongly belive that one size does NOT fit all and each person has a unique set of skills and aptitude that needs to be encouraged. With competition rising and a race for marks and ranks consuming every thought of students, somewhere the joy of learning has been lost.

At TEC, We don’t tell you what to learn or how to do it, we simply provide you a set of skills and help you convert your ideas into reality! Over our years of schooling and colleging there have always been things we had to learn, without any scope for argument, whether we could see the point of it or not. At TEC we are introducing subjects that people want to learn. Subjects that are relevant and upcoming. And that makes all the difference.

A revolutionary lies within each of us, waiting to be unleashed. So come, Think, Explore, Create with TEC and redefine the way the world works!


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3D printing is one of the fastest growing technologies, that is gaining mass popularity far and wide! With its applications transcending every industry from medicine to architecture, knowledge of 3d printing will soon become a basic necessity. Our workshops not just introduces you to the world of additive manufacturing , but also gives you a chance to tinker with a real 3d printer as well as design and print your own product!

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Solar is the future, with unprecedented potential! Our workshop introduces to you the technicalities and logic behind harnessing solar energy and then incorporating it into applications you use on a daily basis. We undertake a practical project during the workshop, which could be a portable solar power bank, a solar lamp,or even a solar car. The beauty of the TECsolar workshop is we open up an a competition at the end of each workshop, where students can create something new and incorporate their solar knowledge into it! Nothing like a little healthy competition to get the creative juices flowing!

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We learn maths and science. We learn to drive a car and to play an instrument.  But how many of us are equipped to save a life if a medical emergency were to occur infront of us. Basic First Aid is something we don’t learn. Where it is arguably one of the most important skills!

Learn to save a life with us. Trust us, it matters.


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